Tejas Borja FLAT-5XL


Length: 457 mm

Width: 510 mm

Weight: 6,55 Kg./Teja

Units/sq.m.: 5,48 Uds.

Useful length: (Batten distance) VARIABLE 340 – 385 mm

Units per ml eave line: 2

Minimum pitch recommended 30% – 17º (*)
Useful width 474 mm
Pallet info 152 units / 1.023 Kg.
Minimum order 2 roof tiles


The FLAT-5XL is another example of the innovation, development and improvement of our products which, together with our exclusive BorjaJET finishing technology, can make architects’ impossible dreams a reality.


The largest ceramic roof tile ever made.


  • High performance in installation (5 units/sq.m.)
  • Wide range of finishes (BorjaJETexclusive)

FLAT-5XL BorjaJET is a product award-winning of Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019



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